Senior Landscape Architect (RLA, BFQ)

After forays into bronze sculpture, typography, and art history, Sarah earned her graduate degree from UMass Amherst in 1997 and moved to California to begin working as a landscape designer. Over the course of her career, she has worked on many different project types, including transit stations and highway interchanges, Tibetan Buddhist retreat centers, high-end private residential gardens, and mixed use developments with parking, streetscapes, and gardens on structure fit into tight infill footprints. She is familiar with many federal and municipal code requirements, project-specific overlays like Bayfriendly and LEED, and has extensive experience with construction and permit documentation. She is also comfortable working in a wide variety of drafting and graphic programs, and is an efficient, focused team leader.

Sarah is an articulate, attentive communicator, and has taught various classes centered around landscape technical issues at UC Berkeley and other Bay Area professional programs. She finds that working with students renews her office work, and is currently a standing part-time faculty member at Merritt College, where she teaches site engineering and planting design. A strong sense of personal responsibility, plus a pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach to project management are hallmarks of her professional style.