Project Description

The Constitution site is the second phase of a tech campus development collaboration between Bohannan Development Company, Heller Manus Architects and Thuilot Associates. The project includes two 8-story office buildings, two parking structures and a linear park along Bayshore Expressway. The park design strives to create a graphic connection to the neighboring wetlands, to be appreciated from above and within the buildings. A path weaves rhythmically through waves of grasslands and fields of low succulents, allowing visitors and those taking a break from a range of views and experiences. The planting also works to screen the expressway and soften the impact of two existing transmission towers within the park.

At the Office Buildings, Thuilot Associates worked to balance the symmetry of the buildings with organic curving forms that both embrace and invite visitors into courtyards and plazas. An arcing basalt stone fountain centered between the buildings anchors the threshold into the elevated plaza. The fountain was conceived as formal expression of the nearby salt flats and wetlands, as water finds its way through small channels in basalt and flows into a pool at street level.