Project Description

The landscape master plan was tailored to provide a space to entertain, relax, and allow for a gentle transition between the native flora of the hillside at the property’s perimeter and the more formal areas of the garden near the house. A central swimming pool runs perpendicular to the rear façade of the house, facing the back garden. The pool acts as a link between the entertainment areas near the house and an Ip deck at the rear of the garden. Beyond the deck is a meadow of mostly indigenous species, new chaparral planting and a shade-giving mature Oak tree. Low stone retaining walls separate the formal lawn area from the rear meadow area. A narrow side yard, punctuated by a rhythmic series of alternating concrete stepping stones, accommodates a concrete patio and an adjacent smooth-plaster and steel wall arrangement. At night the illuminated steel wall creates a warm glow that can be appreciated from the dining room inside. The simplicity of the layout embraces the grandeur of the existing oak and woodland hillside, creating a serene and peaceful outdoor environment for the family to enjoy.