Kimberly Yeo

Senior Associate

Kim is a licensed landscape architect. Since completing her undergraduate degree in landscape architecture at UC Davis in 2009, Kim has been honing her skills at Thuilot Associates on high-end private residential projects. She is fluent in Sketchup, Autodesk 3D Studio, and FormZ, making her a key resource within the office for graphic presentations and three dimensional modeling and rendering. Kim often develops the cost estimates and schedules for her projects, where Thuilot Associates is usually the prime consultant and provides a much higher level of project management and coordination for the client.

Kim provides support for construction documentation and detailing for many different project types in the office, and her early experiences working with Stefan on design-build projects have given her a solid grounding in how office work and field work relate to each other. She is enjoying working on larger, more complex commercial projects, as a return to her undergraduate focus on urban design and sustainability issues.