Stefan Thuilot


Stefan has an eye for landscape design that is both natural and nurtured. He is the lead designer for all Thuilot Associates’ projects, a practice that has earned him twelve significant design awards throughout his career.

Prior to founding Thuilot Associates in 2007, Stefan spent fourteen years working with numerous private residential clients throughout the Bay Area. He holds a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley and a Diploma in Fine Arts from Europe with a sculpture and photography emphasis.

Since forming his own firm, Stefan has added larger commercial and public projects to his portfolio. Thuilot Associates works with learning institutions, hospitals, multi-family housing, and high-tech campuses. This has allowed the firm to work at a larger scale while applying the same level of detailed design attention to construction technique, materials and finishes, and sensitivity to users’ outdoor experiences.

In addition to landscape architecture, Stefan Thuilot is currently working on a comprehensive photographic survey documenting forest ecology, ‘The California Forest Project’. This multiyear project draws from both art and science; its meaning taking on urgency in our rapidly changing environment.

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